Cream of chicken/ Mushroom / Mixed

Indulgence of chicken cream. Creamiest soup of the freshest mushrooms.

Tk. 195

Thai Thick Soup (Chicken/ Prawn/ Mixed)

Warm and thick soup of fresh cut Thai leaves with tender chickens or prawns or both

Tk. 245

Thai Clear Soup ( Chicken/ Prawn/ Mixed)

Fresh green vegetables cooked in a chicken or prawn broth with fresh cut Thai leaves.

Tk. 245

Sea Food Soup (squid, Crab, Prawn, Fish)

The flavors of the sea in a hot bowl with delicate squids, oceanic crabs, clear prawns and delicious fish.

Tk. 295

Chicken Corn Soup

Summer corn soup with tender chicken meat to warm your soul and body.

Tk. 195

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