Szechuan Chili Chicken

Tender and juicy boneless chicken thigh cooked with szechuan oil, soy sauce & rice vinegar.

Tk. 435

Chicken ChiliOnion

Tenderized boneless chicken thighs, chili sauce, spring onions and green chilies.

Tk. 435

Chicken Basil Leaf

Boneless chicken, cooked with Thai holy basil, green beans, and oyster sauce.

Tk. 435

Kung-Pao Chicken

The classic dish in szechuan cuisine: spicy, stir-fried dish made with cubes of chicken, cashewnuts, vegetables, and chili peppers.

Tk. 475

Lemon Grass Chicken

In Vietnamese cuisine, Gà nướng sả is grilled chicken with lemon grass including garlic, onion, sugar cream and light base of honey.

Tk. 475

Pan-Roasted Baby Chicken

Soft and boneless chicken cooked with baby potatoes, garlic, tomato puree olive oil and demi glace sauce.

Tk. 775

B-B-Q Chicken

Hand-picked chickens barbecued and seasoned with spice rub and barbeque sauce.

Tk. 775

Pan-Seared Chicken

Skinless chicken breasts cooked with garlic butter, onion line apple cider vinegar and Italian seasonings comes with apple,cucumber lettuce salad.

Tk. 795

Chicken Francaise

Tender boneless chicken breasts cooked with chicken broth and tangy lemon serve, with spaghetti.

Tk. 775

Black Bean Chicken

Fermented black beans cooked with skinless chicken cubes,soy,sauce and vegetables.

Tk. 475

Foil Chicken

Tender Chicken cooked in foil with home made chili tomato sauce,tomato,capsicum & onion

Tk. 525

Sizzling Chicken

Skinless chicken breasts cooked to sizzle in barbeque sauce, with olive oil.

Tk. 525

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